Breathe Slowly. Just take a deep breath and calm down.

Count to ten.

Put your favourite cheesy song on (I personally recommend The Beach Boys- Wouldn’t It Be Nice ;D ) and turn it up so loud it seems to drown out negative emotion.

And keep breathing. 

Whatever happens is GOING to happen. Whatever it is. You could loose someone close to you. You could fail your exams. You could loose your job; WHATEVER is on your mind right now, whatever is worrying you, whatever is making you want to break down and making your chest so tight you can’t breathe… just, accept it.

Sounds hard right? I know. But it’s time to stop worrying; you’re young. You’re going to get hurt and let down, it’s inevitable. The thought of the worst happening, the thought of you having to do the painful job of picking yourself back up and mending yourself if almost too frightening to bare. But you have people behind you that are always there for you, the ones to push you, to hold you when you cry, to slap you around the face when you’re being ridiculous. They’re there, just like they were the last time.

I’m not saying be pessimistic. All I’m saying is sometimes things come undone so better things fall into place. All you need to do it breathe, have a cry if you want too. And wake up tomorrow with a clear and open mind and everything will seem so much easier.

Try and keep that attitude.

And just breathe.

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